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Thread: DTC Diagnostics and Testing Information

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    DTC Testing Information

    Complete diagnostic information for the DTC codes.

    If I have missed any, please tell me the code you need, the year and model of your car. Contact me at

    DTC P0101
    DTC P0102
    DTC P0103
    DTC P0106
    DTC P0107
    DTC P0108
    DTC P0112
    DTC P0113
    DTC P0117
    DTC P0118
    DTC P0120
    DTC P0121
    DTC P0122
    DTC P0123
    DTC P0125
    DTC P0131
    DTC P0132
    DTC P0133
    DTC P0134
    DTC P0135
    DTC P0137
    DTC P0138
    DTC P0140
    DTC P0141
    DTC P0151
    DTC P0152
    DTC P0153
    DTC P0154
    DTC P0155
    DTC P0157
    DTC P0158
    DTC P0160
    DTC P0161
    DTC P0171
    DTC P0172
    DTC P0174
    DTC P0175
    DTC P0200
    DTC P0201
    DTC P0202
    DTC P0203
    DTC P0204
    DTC P0205
    DTC P0206
    DTC P0230
    DTC P0300
    DTC P0325
    DTC P0327
    DTC P0332
    DTC P0335
    DTC P0336
    DTC P0340
    DTC P0341
    DTC P0342
    DTC P0343
    DTC P0351
    DTC P0352
    DTC P0353
    DTC P0354
    DTC P0355
    DTC P0356
    DTC P0357
    DTC P0358
    DTC P0401
    DTC P0404
    DTC P0405
    DTC P0410
    DTC P0412
    DTC P0418
    DTC P0420
    DTC P0430
    DTC P0440
    DTC P0442
    DTC P0443
    DTC P0446
    DTC P0449
    DTC P0452
    DTC P0453
    DTC P0461
    DTC P0462
    DTC P0463
    DTC P0480
    DTC P0481
    DTC P0500
    DTC P0506
    DTC P0507
    DTC P0513
    DTC P0530
    DTC P0562
    DTC P0563
    DTC P0601
    DTC P0602
    DTC P0603
    DTC P0604
    DTC P0608
    DTC P0621
    DTC P0650
    DTC P0654
    DTC P0656
    DTC P0801
    DTC P0803
    DTC P0804
    DTC P0851
    DTC P0852
    DTC P1111
    DTC P1112
    DTC P1114
    DTC P1115
    DTC P1121
    DTC P1122
    DTC P1133
    DTC P1134
    DTC P1153
    DTC P1154
    DTC P1258
    DTC P1336
    DTC P1380
    DTC P1404
    DTC P1415
    DTC P1416
    DTC P1441
    DTC P1516
    DTC P1539
    DTC P1545
    DTC P1546
    DTC P1626
    DTC P1635
    DTC P1637
    DTC P1639
    DTC P2101
    DTC P2119
    DTC P2120
    DTC P2122
    DTC P2123
    DTC P2125
    DTC P2127
    DTC P2128
    DTC P2135
    DTC P2138
    DTC P2176

    Codes for the A4
    DTC P0218 3.8
    DTC P0218 5.7
    DTC P0502 3.8
    DTC P0502 5.7
    DTC P0503 3.8
    DTC P0503 5.7
    DTC P0711 3.8
    DTC P0711 5.7
    DTC P0712 3.8
    DTC P0712 5.7
    DTC P0713 3.8
    DTC P0713 5.7
    DTC P0719 3.8
    DTC P0719 5.7
    DTC P0724 3.8
    DTC P0724 5.7
    DTC P0740 3.8
    DTC P0740 5.7
    DTC P0742 3.8
    DTC P0742 5.7
    DTC P0748 3.8
    DTC P0748 5.7
    DTC P0751 3.8
    DTC P0751 5.7
    DTC P0752 3.8
    DTC P0753 3.8
    DTC P0753 5.7
    DTC P0756 3.8
    DTC P0756 5.7
    DTC P0757 3.8
    DTC P0757 5.7
    DTC P0758 3.8
    DTC P0758 5.7
    DTC P0785 3.8
    DTC P0785 5.7
    DTC P1810 3.8
    DTC P1810 5.7
    DTC P1860 3.8
    DTC P1860 5.7
    DTC P1870 3.8
    DTC P1870 5.7

    DTC C0240
    DTC C0561
    Diagnostic System Check for C0561

    Codes for the A6

    DTC P1825 or P1915
    DTC P2723 or P2724
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