Been driving Pontiacs / Trans Am's most of my adult life.Then 6 years ago I sold my 2002 Trans Am to by a Dodge Magnum as I was planing on moving to Floride and need the space the Magnum offered,I then sold my 1970 Trans Am to move to Florida buy furniture ect...was here 1 year and go the bug again so I bought a Harley.After almost buying the farm and ending up as road kill a few times I sold it.Then 10 days ago after doing a search of places to take my Magnum to get new key fobs I decided to see what Challengers they had found a 2013 SRT8 with only 4800 miles that was $36,000.I thought it was way more than could buy.After searching in the south I found one in Texas,Alabama and 3 in Florida I narrowed it down to two in Hollywood Florida.I really didnt want to drive my Magnum thinking they might not give me what I wanted.So I went to the Dodge dealership in Brooksville and asked if the could ship one up here.I told him millage and price range I could do.He told me to look at what they had on the lot and if I still wanted one shipped we could work it out.So he showed me the same Challenger SRT8 392 that I saw.After test driving it and telling him I like it he said we could crunch the numbers and see if he could make it work for me.After trading my Magnum..getting $9800 and plus $2000 I got it for $100 more than I wanted to spend and later that day drove it home.My Challenger (1).jpgMy Challenger (2).jpgMy Challenger (4).jpgMy Challenger (6).jpgMy Challenger (7).jpg