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Thread: 1995 Z28 Body

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    1995 Z28 Body

    Yup. I think it's time for me to listen to you guys and sell it.

    1995 Z28. Mostly good. It has a gash in the passenger side door and front fender. I have the replacement parts, just never put them on.

    No headliner.

    Ultra Z Hood has been heat-cycled. Original hood, well, that's over at my brother's house and we're not speaking. I can probably get it, though.

    Commando wing for the back, not installed.

    Wings West GFX, also not installed.

    Original wheels and a set of 19X10 HP Evos.

    No drive train at all.* I can't find a usable rear end locally to be able to move the car.

    *McCleod Street Twin clutch. Paid $1000 for just that.

    Engine? Well, there is one. Sort of. It was mostly built but then got caught in the flood of 2016 and is still at Futral Motor Sports waiting to be refurbished. I was expecting the engine to put out well over 400 hp to the wheels.

    Interior in near perfect condition. No cracks in dash. Center console hinge has broken as expected. However, I do have a center console from a newer model which hinges on the side instead of the back.

    Original Bose system was working perfectly.

    MAKE OFFER! House is sold and it needs to go quickly.
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