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Thread: Question about slow juicers operating time, strains and experiences.

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    Question about slow juicers operating time, strains and experiences.

    Hi everyone!
    I'm looking to buy a slow juicer and I'd like to ask a few questions about certain things.
    - Some companies list the operating time of the equipment (more specifically Hurom) to be 30 minutes. Does this mean that after 30min the juicer stops automatically because it has built-in protection (overheat-protection e.g.) or is the 30min is the average time for making a glass of juice?
    - Connecting to the previous question, can I juice the best juicer for no pulp 1kg or even 5kg of tomatoes in one sitting?
    - Also another question is that every slow-juicer has strains? Or can be purchased separately, I don't mind if it doesn't come with the package and has to be bought, but I want to be sure the company is offering replacements or maybe a variety.
    - Can I filter the tomato seeds? Or even strawberry seeds? (because of colitis)
    - Which kind of juicers do you recommend to daily use or squeeze the tomatoes in the summer?
    The ones that I've found quality enough are Hurom, Breville, Omega, Angel juicer.
    The country I'm buying from is in eastern Europe.
    Thank you for the help! I know it's a lot to ask at first but I'd like to make a conscious decision and have been searching and thinking about these things for a while now without consensus.
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